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Adventure Designs currently offers the following workshops and trainings:

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Workshops & Trainings

Our trainings and workshops are offered at our southeastern U.S. base sites, and may also be brought directly to you. Contact us at (615) 569-1727 (or Email ) for dates and registration, or to arrange for a custom-designed program in your area.


Adventure Designs is accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology to offer certification for practitioners at all levels.  Please note that certain requirements must be met by individuals seeking certification and the criteria for each level is established in the current ACCT Practitioner Certification Standards. An important point to note is that trainings are not certifications, though a training may be an important component of the certification process. If you have any questions regarding certification please contact us at the number above.

Foundations: Challenge Course Facilitator Training 

(Practitioner Level 1)
Foundations is an entry level training designed to assist counselors, trainers, educators, and others in developing the skills necessary for safe and effective facilitation of group initiatives, trust processes, and basic high ropes events. Little or no prior experience is required.

The structure of the program provides a weekend experiential phase (The AWE, see below) followed by a 4 day logistical training. In the experiential phase, participants will personally experience the power of the adventure-based model in facilitating learning, growth, and change.

In part two, the logistical training, we cover the basic requisite skills necessary to implement an adventure-based learning program. Areas of focus include: participant safety, selection/sequence of activities; effective presentation/observation/processing; use of equipment, knots, ground belaying, and more. Expect a very full and powerful week of learning!

( 6 days. This workshop offers 40 certification credit hours.)
Email for dates and registration,
Price: $590.00

Advanced Skills Certification Training

(Practitioner Level 2)
Designed for those with prior facilitator experience, this training intensive focuses on moving toward mastery of essential knowledge and skills necessary for safe and effective use of high challenge course events. The technical skills covered include equipment set-up, use, inspection, and care; emergency challenge course rescues;  static and dynamic belays; zipwires, challenge course construction/inspection issues, and general program risk management. Participants should have both the ability and willingness to "get high" (climb and work at heights of 30-40 feet off the ground). "Soft skills" will focus on elements of program design, emotional/physical participant safety, and processing. Expect lots of "hands-on" practice, feedback, and fun!

(4 days. This training offers 40 certification credit hours. )
Email for dates and registration,
Price: $590.00

Challenge Course Manager Training

The Challenge Course Manager Training is designed to develop and enhance the essential skill set needed for safely and effectively managing a challenge course program. Topics include Risk Management, Staffing, Polices & Procedures, Documentation, Training, Course Inspections, Insurance, and Marketing. Class size is limited to 1:6 ratio to allow for individual customization of course material to your site. Expect to work hard, learn, and have fun in the process!

(3 days. This training offers 25 certification credit hours.Inquire at (615) 569-1727 or for dates.)
Price: $590.00

Certification Assessment Day

A single day certification/assessment that includes both written and skills testing. This assessment will be based on current certification standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

(1 day.)
Email for dates and registration,
Price: $160.00

Additional Workshops

GroupWorks: A Facilitation & Leadership Intensive

GroupWorks is a powerful, experiential learning workshop designed specifically for trainers, counselors, educators, leaders, managers, and facilitators... in short, people who works with groups. Intense, challenging, and inspiring, the workshop offers you a chance to experience first hand the complexity and diversity of group-work through direct immersion in facilitation, participation, and design.

This workshop is guaranteed to be of benefit if you want to: strongly enhance your skills in facilitating group, experience community with others in your field, risk new and challenging experiences, improve your leadership skills, better understand group dynamics and conflict, significantly increase your "bag of tricks"...or if you could simply benefit from a rich, renewing experience in your life!

Note: GroupWorks is a demanding, jam-packed intensive and though it's only 5 days/nights in length, you can expect to gain about 2 weeks of experience from the total process. Intrigued? You should be! This design remains one of the best combinations of both personal and professional growth we know, bar none.

 (6 days. This workshop offers 60 certification credit hours. Inquire at (615) 569-1727 or for dates.)
Price: $790

AWE: Adventure Weekend Experience

This extraordinary weekend of play, challenge, and personal growth is designed for anyone who wants to add a little adventure to life. It combines cooperative games, group processes, and challenge ropes course experiences that allow you to explore issues of trust, support, and courage while having the time of your life. Imagine . . . a beautiful forest, warm sunshine, starry nights, great food, and wonderful people. Now, mix in an adventure that's chock-full of things that you've never done before, an adventure that equally engages your mind, body, and spirit.

This adventure provides an array of opportunities to gain new insights into relationships, risks, and living while sharing in the adventure with others. So, if you're looking to move beyond self-imposed boundaries, explore new ways of having fun, and spend some time with old friends you've never met . . . this is it!

 (2 days.)
Email for dates and registration,
Price: $200

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